Fortnite Shootout at Sundown Challenges List

by Itai Aosi

Fortnite has changed the way challenges work, while they might not be as weekly as they did there are still many challenges to complete especially for Battle Pass owners.
However, even if you don’t own battle pass, the “Fortnite Shootout at Sundown” Challenges are definitely up for you to grab!

What is Fortnite’s Shootout at sundown Mission?

The new series of missions this season 10 will run until August 15th, try to keep up with these challenges so you can get all the rewards they offer.

In addition to that you can get a new loading screen that shows a fragment of the location of a secret star by completing each of the limited time missions.

Fortnite’s Shootout at sundown Mission list.

  • Finish a game in the top 10 in Solo or Duo games (2).
  • 2 Pistol Eliminations
  • Search at least seven boxes of ammunition at Tilted or Junk Junction.
  • Deal 200 Damage to Dropping Supply Drops.
  • Get an item of Every Rarity. (To be unlocked at August 12th)
  • Land in Tilted or Fatal Fields in 3 different games. (To be unlocked at August 13th)
  • Deal 500 damage to your enemies using an Assault Rifle. (To be unlocked at August 14th)

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