Fortnite Season 6 changes you should know

by Itai Aosi

Season 6 is finally here, and with it comes a variety of changes. Changes to the map, weapon system, consumables, and the addition of new features have completely shifted the competitive landscape. Luckily the team at NOVOS is here to help you learn, and adapt to the new meta. Here are the four most important strategies for competitive success in Fortnite Season 6.


The brand new crafting system has completely changed the way the game is played. This Season has introduced two completely new classes of weapons. Primal and Makeshift. Makeshift guns are low tier weapons that you do not want to fight with. They do low damage, have poor accuracy, and using them against players with better weapons will likely result in returning to the lobby.

Although not good for fighting, makeshift weapons can be incredibly useful. Makeshift weapons can be upgraded into Primal or mechanical weapons, using either bones or gears respectively. Simply enter your inventory then swap over to the section called crafting. Select the desired weapon you would like to upgrade, then pick either the Primal or mechanical version.

A crafting choice between Primal Shotgun or Pump Shotgun

Mechanical weapons are the classic weapons we know and love. The Pump Shotgun, standard SMG, and Assault Rifle. Primals on the other hand are brand new and entirely different than their mechanical counterparts.

The Primal weapons are made from bones, found by hunting animals around the map. These guns do not have first shot accuracy, but what they lose in precision they more than makeup for a fast fire rate and high damage. The Primal SMG is especially deadly, firing extremely fast and dealing lots of critical damage when hitting headshots. Focus on using these weapons at close range, and you’ll find yourself racking up all sorts of kills.

Crafting Strategy

Crafting has changed the game, as it is now incredibly difficult to find good weapons from floor loot and chest spawns. This means picking a drop spot where you can safely and quickly upgrade is very important for success.

The best weapons this Season are the Primal SMG, Pump Shotgun, and Primal Shotgun. Depending on which gun is most important to you, it is a good idea to land at a safe location with lots of cars or animals for easy upgrades.

The best location to land for getting lots of gears is Risky Reels. Gears are found by harvesting cars, and Risky is filled with them. You may have to fight off one other opponent when landing here in the arena, but typically the area is not heavily populated. Look to find a blue or green makeshift shotgun, then quickly farm up four gears to upgrade to a pump.

If you prefer the Primal variants, you’ll want to head to the forests and away from the cities. Here you’ll find wolves, boars, and chickens which all drop bones when killed. Collect 4 of these, then any makeshift weapon can be upgraded to a Primal weapon. We recommend prioritizing the Primal SMG, but do whatever best fits your playstyle.

Wolves, boars, and chickens drop bones when killed, allowing you to craft better weapons

Using Bows

Another new weapon is the bows that were added at the start of Season 6. These bows come in the makeshift, mechanical, and Primal variants, but can also be upgraded to have special abilities. These abilities include explosive arrows, shockwaves bows, and stink bows. Only the stink bow and the flame bow are available in arena, as the shockwave bow requires shockwaves to craft and currently that item is not available in the Arena.

To receive a stink bow, first find or upgrade to a Primal bow, then find a nearby river. Surrounding the rivers will be frogs, who can be killed for their stink sacks. These are crafted with the Primal bow to create the incredibly powerful stink bow. This bow is essentially an infinite stink bomb that can be shot from 100+ meters away. After upgrading every single arrow fired will act as a stink bomb.

The flame bow can be created by fusing a Primal bow with a gas can. This bow has arrows that act like fireflies, setting their target aflame. Shooting these arrows at wooden builds will be very useful throughout both midgame fights and endgames.

Keep an eye for these bow upgrades. They can certainly elevate your game.

Gaining Arena Points

Once again the arrival of a new Season has reset the Arena points of all players. If you want to compete in the next FNCS and other tournaments, you will have to reach champion’s league. Luckily we have created a fantastic strategy for quickly gaining arena points, and will be sharing it with you today.

First, land in a safe area with lots of cars. Here you will quickly loot up, then farm as many cars as possible to upgrade to a Pump Shogun. Avoiding being contested off spawn is crucial because most guns found off spawn will be makeshift. These guns are difficult to fight with and you’ll have a much better chance of gaining points by playing it safe early on.

Secondly, avoid mid-game fights, and if you take one make sure to have a heavy health advantage. With the hire fire rate Primal weapons in the game, most fights this Season are turning into 50-50s. If a player with a Primal shotgun gets into your box with more health than you, your game will most likely be over. Avoid these fights, and play for the endgame.

Finally, play for placement and get lots of AR kills in the endgame. During the endgame, you will rack lots of placement points, and kills will become much more attainable as well. Try to stay up in elevation, ahead of the zone, then look for kills with your AR. Playing from a distance will help you avoid 50-50s and stay alive longer.


If you follow these tips, your Season 6 experience will be fantastic. Learn the crafting system, find a drop spot, and then play lots of Arena. This is the path to success in the Season 6 meta and we hope these tips have helped you become a better Fortnite player.

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