The Ultimate Guide for Tunneling

by Itai Aosi

Imagine the following scenario:
You are in the top 10. You and 9 other players are alive.
You are currently in the safe zone sitting behind a cover. But not for long.
The circle starts moving, and you should too.
You wait until the right moment, the enemies seem to be moving, the Zone almost closes in on you. You start running towards the safe zone.
And then… 3 seconds into you running like a madman to cover you get shot, sniped from 100 to 0. What a shame.

Too bad right? Well, there is a solution to it. And it’s tunneling.

Well, what is Tunneling anyway? Tunneling is a way to protect yourself while moving at the same time. This is extremely crucial especially in end game scenarios where you have to move due to moving zone or to generally get into a better position.

Section 1: Basic Tunneling — One side protection and Diagonal

Let’s start off by turning off disabling Sprint by Default.
Now we are going to practice building one side protected tunnel. Build a Floor below you, Wall to the side, and a Floor above you.
Now do the rhythm: Floor below -> Floor above -> Wall to the side of your choice.

Take it slow at first and build muscle memory. Make sure to not hold Turbo build or else you are going to end up placing a wall in front of you.

Diagonal tunneling — This provides coverage to one side while allowing you to move sideways (useful when you can’t keep going only forward. For example, due to moving zone, terrain, or enemy players).
An important point to remember when performing Diagonal tunneling is to not get close to the side you are placing walls at. Making it easier to place the walls.

Double-sided Diagonal tunneling — This allows you to move diagonally while protecting yourself from both sides! It might be more difficult to perform but with practice, it will become natural!

Section 2: Intermediate Tunneling — both sides protection and Full Front Tunneling

In this step, we are going to keep the setting in which we don’t sprint in order to keep practicing our muscle memory.

Start off by performing tunneling with both sides cover.
Just like in the one side protected tunnel do not use Turbo build! Go slow Floor Below -> Floor Above -> Wall Side -> Wall Side

After learning all of the above it’s time to get into some edits so warm up those fingers!

We’re going to build a full tunnel, what I mean by that is a tunnel in which not only the sides but also the front is protected. This is crucial because on extremely small circles enemies will be around EVERYWHERE (including to the front of you!). So you have got to learn how to move and protect your self from all sides.
So the rhythm goes like this:
Floor Below -> Floor Above -> Wall Side -> Wall Infront -> Wall Side -> Edit Front Wall.

The concept of editing might be difficult at first. Attempt to do a square edit and not a triangle one. This will open up more space for you to move into.

Take it slow, editing and building at the same time is not an easy task. I would recommend doing some creative edit maps in order to improve your editing skills.

Section 3: Combining all together while running

Here we don’t learn anything new but rather sharpen what we already know.
Meaning that we are going to turn on “Sprint By Default” again and perform the tunneling while sprinting. Just like you would have to perform in a regular game.

The inputs are the same, but the timing is different as you will have to move your mouse and press your keys a lot faster. Don’t fret.
Take it slow and steady, if you did all the previous steps you should be able to perform them in a faster way with enough practice.

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