Season 3 Drop Spots Guide (Fortilla, Catty Corner and The Authority)

by Cecil Sales

Season 3 is upon us and a lot of hidden secrets lie beneath the flooded map. Also, Fortnite now hosts Trio Arenas lobbies and the company has also announced the FNCS schedule for this season. Sadly, the Pump Shotgun has been vaulted. Gone are those days where you could just walk into a box and one-pump opponents. Instead, a new shotgun and other items have been added to the game. 

Among the list of new POIs lies an underrated drop spot that goes by the name “Fortilla”. We’ll be dissecting this drop-spot along with two other important drop spots.

Did you know you could charge the shotgun while reviving your teammate? (Guide coming soon!)

Keep following our blogs for more hidden tips and tricks you could use in Season 3. Okay, enough of the build-up lets head straight into it. 


Fortnite Season 3 map

Fortilla has a total of 37 chests spread out on different islands. Every island has 4 – 7 chests and apart from the main island (biggest island), every other island is almost uncontested. The Mythic Boss hidden within this island goes by the name “Ocean”. 

Ocean carries a Mythic Burst that holds up to 30 ammo and has a reload time of roughly 2.5 seconds. This gun range is insane and has lesser recoil as compared to the other Burst Assault Rifles in the game.
Besides this, Ocean also drops an unlimited use “Chug Jug” that requires 15 seconds of usage time. This Mythic Chug Jug has a cooldown time of 15 seconds and can be used again after that. This is pretty over-powered until the late-game where you might struggle to get 15 seconds to use it. In the early and mid-stages of any match, the Chug Jug gives you the liberty to rotate early and aggressively. 

Another quick tip while looting here is to search for fishing spots as they can be found in plenty towards the center of Fortilla. Camp-fires are located on the south-east side and the north of Fortilla, just in case the action gets crazy and you end up low on health. Also, do check out this video which features the various locations you could find Ocean in Fortilla. 

For all you Burst Rifle fans, this is the best spot to land straight out of the bus. The mythic chug jug is an added incentive to cling onto up until the final stages of the game. 

Catty Corner

Probably the most surprising drop-spot for this season is Catty Corner. Besides the 10 regular chests, there are three henchmen chests with really powerful weapons. The Henchmen in this location are equipped with P90s which can knock you out in seconds. Beware, this drop-spot is almost always contested in Arena modes and there’s an obvious reason to it as well.

The Mythic-Charged shotgun, a Mythic Shockwave Launcher, and the Vault key can the obtained once you eliminate Kitt (The Boss enemy of Catty Corner). Both of these weapons are designed to make you pop- off late-game with important eliminations and easy rotations. Hence, this is the best drop-spot for those late-game grinders who prefer close-range action along with easy ways to rotate and recapture high ground.

Catty Corner “Kit” Boss Spawn locations.

Catty Corner consists of primarily three inner locations which are, Main Building, Gas Station, and the Upper-restaurant. The main building has 6 chests in total which include 3 chests on the outside onto which you can directly land on.
There are two henchman chests inside which give you powerful loot. Knocking a henchman and getting there first has major advantages because of the firepower involved. This is crucial for players looking who are looking out for early game eliminations.

Mythic Charged Shotgun Stats

The gas station also has its share of 3 chests and one henchman chest. Two chests along with the henchman’s chest are located inside the gas station building. The Mythic Charged Shotgun can load 5 ammo in each clip and does 155 damage to the body when fully charged and 103 to the body without any charge. Clearly, these figures are important for those aggressive players who have relied on the pump shotgun for years now.

The Authority

Like “The Agency” last year, The Authority is the most populated and stacked drop spot for this season. There are roughly 30 chests spread all over this location and you might have to master at least three looting routes before you make this a regular drop-spot.

Chests located in “The Authority”.

The first major advantage is pretty obvious, you have all the time needed to completely loot this spot as it located right at the center of the map. Solely focus on getting the eliminations before planning to loot up and emptying the vault. Since this location is in the center of the map, you are most likely to get a first zone that is too far. Getting a gun instantly (by landing on it) is what you should be aiming at as soon as the glider pops out. You’ll need a lot of firepower through your time in The Authority, so make sure you change your guns if you’re running out of any specific ammo.

Jules the Mythic Boss in this location carries around a Mythic Drum gun and a Mythic Grappler. Both of these items are different as to previous seasons. The Drum Gun has been nerfed a bit and the grappler now forces you to redeploy your glider once you reach height. Don’t get me wrong, both are still insanely useful and over-powered in its own way.

Take a look at this video as it suggests some good looting paths specifically for The Authority,

The Authority Looting Path guide (Ignore the cringe intro)

As mentioned at the start of this section, mastering multiple looting paths is important before you even think of making this a regular drop spot. Especially for Arena matches, this location is always contested heavily with the addition of the grappler being an added incentive. Though the Drum Gun has been nerfed, Controller players are still melting faces and beaming people out of the air with the Drum-Gun. Speaking of getting beamed in the air, the grapple gun now forces you to redeploy and use your glider before landing on a surface. This has its advantage as it removes fall damage to a certain extent, but we have noticed players struggling and getting beamed to death while using the grappler in late-game situations or while attempting to re-take height.

So that’s it for these three drops spots. Beware of the henchmen in all these spots and they clearly have improved with their aim from last season. Which spot is your go-to spot for the season? Let us know in the comments below.

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