Advanced Box Fighting – Mongraal’s Classic

by Tom Rosenberg

Welcome! In this article, we’re going to go over some advanced box fighting tricks so you can get your gaming skills to the next level.

If you haven’t read our former article – Box Fighting Basics in Fortnite, make sure to check it out before reading this one!

This guide is intended for players that aim to level up their box fighting skills with advanced mechanics.

So you’ve learned the basics of box fighting. You know how to attack a boxed-up player, and how to box up and defend yourself when getting pushed by an enemy.

You may ask yourself – “What’s next?”

“Mongraal’s Classic” is the main technique used by pro players that have mastered box fighting. It was (surprisingly) invented by “Mongraal”, currently one of the best Fortnite players in the world!

The technique looks like this:

As you can see, the move requires fast mechanics in order to be performed effectively. Speed is a big factor in Fortnite. The faster you are, the less time your enemy has to respond.

Before we start analyzing it step by step, it’s important to understand why this technique is so powerful in box fighting. “Mongraal’s Classic” is used when pushing a boxed-up player. If used correctly, it ensures the enemy you’re pushing is defenseless, and usually gives you a free shot or an opportunity to outplay your enemy.

In order to learn the move, we need to analyze it and understand each step of it. 

PRO TIP: Don’t rush! Start slowly. Increase your speed only when you feel confident with the current speed of the performance.
1. Replace your enemy’s wall (as we already learned in the basics article):

PRO TIP: Switch back to your shotgun after every pickaxe swing to stay ready for a counter edit from your enemy!

2. Edit your wall – preferably in a 4 square edit (to open more area for shots):

*Some players prefer switching back to shotgun right after editing the wall (step 2), and some prefer switching back to shotgun after editing the ramp (step 4). It’s up to your preference. Try both and feel what’s more comfortable for you.

3. Build a ramp as soon as possible after you edit your wall:

This step is very crucial! 

When building a ramp immediately after editing your wall, you get 2 advantages:

  • Gaining control over the enemy’s box area (he can’t place a cone or a ramp to block you somehow.
  • Most of the time your opponent would try to shoot you as soon as you edit your wall. When you insert your ramp into his box you block the shot (potentially), while making the enemy go into the shotgun cooldown time.

PRO TIP: If you’re using the normal editing settings (not using the edit on release feature), you can build a ramp literally as soon as possible by holding your left mouse click after pressing your edit keybind to confirm the edit, then press on your ramp build keybind. To make it clear, let’s assume you’re using “G” to edit. Instead of pressing “G”, editing your wall and releasing your left click on your mouse, hold your left click while confirming the edit, then immediately build a ramp. This will build the ramp as soon as the edit is confirmed. An example:

4. Edit your ramp. The easiest edit would be a half edit facing you (not facing the opponent):

5. Aim and Shoot your opponent:

6. Reset your edited wall to prevent your opponent from shooting back at you! (This step is optional, if your opponent is low on health you might want to spray him with your AR or SMG). If you do reset your wall, you better use turbo building with your wall to make sure your opponent doesn’t replace your wall back.

These are the steps to perform “Mongraal’s Classic” perfectly.

Even though this move is very useful, you wouldn’t want to use it all the time. The technique works only when a player doesn’t have a cone/ramp in their box. Be aware of what’s going on and learn (with experience) to decide when to use it and when to use other techniques according to the situation you’re in.

There are more advanced techniques out there, so make sure to follow our guides to learn more of them!

Now you know how to perform one of the most powerful techniques in box fighting – “Mongraal’s Classic”! We suggest you start practicing it slowly in creative mode, then build your speed up as you get more confident. When you feel ready, use it in the Battle Royale mode to get some kills!

Good luck gaming, enjoy the process of learning and getting better at your game!

Novos Team.

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