The Revolution has Begun…

by Cameron Overton

NOVOS is continuing to lead competitive Fortnite training, which is why we’ve partnered with the number one data analytics provider in Fortnite, Kinch Analytics! Kinch has built an unmatchable reputation by helping players of all standards qualify for and win major tournaments for over a year. Now you can access his knowledge with NOVOS.

“I chose to work with NOVOS because they are providing the highest quality training in Fortnite, and by partnering together I believe we will create a must-have service for competitive players.
I am excited to get to work revolutionizing the quality and availability of ESports training for all players around the world.” – Daniel Sheppard (Kinch Analytics)

Kinch is part of Fortnite’s competitive foundation, with all of the best players around the world relying on their series points lists, pre-tournament predictions, and live estimates. We are partnering with Kinch Analytics to give you every possible advantage when it comes to placing higher and performing better.

NOVOS aims to be the holistic destination for competitive ESports players. Kinch’s analytical prowess is the perfect addition to our team for that exact reason. Kinch is the undisputed king of Fortnite data analysis, and the content and features he will create for NOVOS will give players an unrivaled edge in competition.” – Or Briga, CEO of NOVOS

Starting immediately, Kinch will be contributing in many areas including providing analytical content, refining our training algorithms, and improving the overall NOVOS experience.
Sign up for NOVOS now to get ready for Kinch’s content and features coming in Season 8!

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