Quick Rundown (Fortnite Season 4 – Chapter 2)

by Cecil Sales

This season has started with its share of controversy involving Apple and Epic, but that didn’t stop the developers in getting the game back in shape. All the POI changes are set to reflect on every content update rolled out. Already the inclusion of old map locations and other such leaks been noted in the game files. Hopefully, we could expect a sudden burst of content this season with superheroes added to the mix to spice up the game.

The Official Trailer for Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4

Weapons and Item Changes

The Pump Shotgun is back finally! Just like the good old days, The One-Pump meta is officially back in the game and the gun can be upgraded all the way to gold. As far as shotguns are concerned, the Tactical Shotgun has been vaulted and the Combat Shotgun has been un-vaulted this season.

Charged Shotguns are still in the game and can be side graded to a Pump Shotgun via the upgrade station. The Rapid-Fire SMG has also been Unvaluted and can be side-graded to a Suppressed-SMG if needed.

Stark Energy Rifle

Stark Industries Energy Rifle is probably the only new gun (that isn’t a Mythic Weapon) added to the game. Henchmen for this season go by the name “Doom Henchmen”. You get the new Stark Industries Rifle once you eliminate any of these henchmen.

Bouncers are Shockwave Grenades have been un-vaulted. This is to compensate for the fact that Launchpads have been vaulted and in-game rotation isn’t as easy. Good’ol Port-A-Fort has also been included in the game allowing players to hold sniper angles from high ground.

Map Changes

Map for Season 4. Dooms Domain looks like the only new addition.

As far as the first week is concerned, no major changes have taken place apart from the inclusion of “Doom’s Domain”. The OG drop spot Pleasant Park has been renamed to Dooms Domain. New Henchmen can be found guarding the Helicopter and some good loot.

For a detailed rundown of all the Mythic Items, Weapons and Bosses, take a look at the video below

What are your thoughts on the new season? Do you Prefer Arena Trios over Duos? Post your thoughts in the comments section below and Happy Season 4 Grinding!

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