Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 9 Week 10 Challenges

by Itai Aosi

Another week, another guide! This week for Week 10 Fortnite challenges! By the way, feel free to join NOVOS’s Discord Server for additional help, guidance, and fun!

Here are the weekly challenges you have to perform for this week (14th of July — July 21st):

Free challenges

  • Use an Air Strike in different matches (0/3) — The Air Strike is a new throwable added in the v9.30 content update on Tuesday. Using one will emit colored smoke and missiles with rain down in the area of the smoke. It’s a legendary item so it’ll take a little luck to find one. If you find one, use it right away to complete this challenge instead of potentially dying and leaving it for someone else to pick up.
  • Damage opponents with shotguns (0/500) — This challenge is as direct as it gets. Find any shotgun and begin unloading on other players. Getting 500 damage is easy as long as you get up close to your opponent.
  • Search ammo boxes in a single match (0/7) — The key to this challenge is survivability. Lasting into the later part of a match means more time to find ammo boxes. When moving across the map, keep an eye out for shacks where there are usually unopened boxes.

Battle Pass challenges

  • Visit different public service announcement signs in Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant or Mega Mall (0/5) — In week 9, public service announcement signs popped up in certain locations. There are a dozen signs scattered in the three areas, and they all feature propaganda-like wording. Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant and Mega Mall all have enough to complete the challenge if you search thoroughly. Considering how much traffic these spots have as of late, it’s best to run around quickly at one location then make your way to another to find the rest.
  • Stage 1 of 3: Collect wood from a Pirate Ship or Viking Ship (0/100)
    Stage 2 of 3: Collect stone from a Fork Knife or Umbrella (0/100)
    Stage 3 of 3: Collect metal from a Robot Factory (0/100) — This challenge is very specific on where to gather materials. For wood, players need to go to the Pirate Ship in Lazy Lagoon or the Viking Ship on the mountain near Snobby Shores. Stone for this challenge can be gathered at the fork-and-knife-shaped quarry near Fatal Field or the umbrella-shaped quarry near The Block. Lastly, the robot factory for the metal refers to Pressure Plant where a giant robot is being built.
  • Eliminate opponents in Pleasant Park or Paradise Palms (0/3) — The choice here is whether to go to the compact Pleasant Park or drop into the huge Paradise Palms. The latter will be a bit safer, but you may need to run around to find the three opponents needed for the challenge.
  • Damage to an opponent with a pickaxe (0/200) — These pickaxe challenges are a fixture for each season. It’s one of the trickier tasks to complete because of how dangerous it is to come at an enemy with just a pickaxe. The weapon is slow and doesn’t do much damage making it pointless to use on an opponent. That said, to complete this challenge, players should keep an eye out for any AFK people at the start of the match as they are sitting ducks. The other option is to use the pickaxe on downed opponents when playing duos or squad matches. In general, players should use the pickaxe at the very beginning of a match when everyone is equipped with the weapon or when an opponent is incapable of fighting back.

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