Fortnite Thursdays — Gamesense

by Itai Aosi

As part of our Fortnite Thursdays, we feature info that every Fortnite gamer should know. Fortnite has many aspects, mainly building, editing, shooting and game sense.

Game sense is the hardest of them to grasp and practice, as it’s less of a “mechanical” skill like building and more about decision making, awareness and thought process. We define game sense as making all the decisions that will bring you closer to victory. Such as when to rotate when the zone closes in, how to effectively use your weapons, what is the next move you should be taking etc. Having an above average game sense will increase your chances of winning.

In order to take your game to the next level here are some Videos with tips that we find useful here at NOVOS:

  1. Intermediate Building — Billy Bicep’s video talks about decision making, and provides few examples on how to make good decisions in-game

2. Win EVERY Shotgun Fight With These EASY Tips! (Combat vs Pump)— While this video mostly talks about close ranged combat it describes tips that you should definitely learn and incorporate into your game. And what to expect in the current meta of “Box Fighting”.

3. Improving Your Movement In Fortnite – Game Sense 101 (Ep. 4)— another great video by Jerian. He covers the most overlooked aspect: movement. Movement is one of the easiest skills to learn but one of the hardest skills to master. As you’ll see in the video, he shows why movement is so important through an amazing play by NickMercs. After, he shows five tips and tricks to improve both your movement and game sense as well as discuss how they are related. The techniques include thinking ahead, mastering the ENAS, crouch swinging, dynamic crouching, and advanced peaking.

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