Fortnite Thursdays — High Ground Advantages

by Itai Aosi

High ground in Fortnite is one of the most important things to be able to control and apply in-game.
The high ground gives you a few advantages to help you control your fights! Here are our top 3 advantages that high ground grants you:

Track your enemies effectively
High ground makes it easier to hit enemies who are below you. As we said in our last Fortnite Thursdays — pay attention to the sound and visual cues.
Being on high ground will provide you with better protection from 3rd parties (by players rotating in) as they are more likely to appear below you. Track their movement and get cheeky headshots from this angle.

Controlling gravity
When you have the high ground, the enemies have to build to get a good angle on you, but you can quickly jump onto them. Therefore, you get to decide when you want to fight, while they can’t.

The angle matters
Shooting on an enemy below you makes it easier and more likely to hit headshots, you can also see where you’re going while keeping track of the enemy. It is simply much easier to control the fight!

One of the ways to get high ground is performing 90s and there are plenty more ways to get high ground (or to retake it!). In which we will slowly but surely cover here, at NOVOS!
Remember to not build too high, as it would cost you a lot of materials and give your opponent an easier time to take down your builds.

In conclusion, we would even say that in case you and your enemy, both having an equal loadout and mechanical skills, the fight would be decided most likely by the one who has the high ground.

Good luck on the battlefield gamers! Feel free to join our Discord for any help or just to talk and have fun playing together!

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