Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 10 Week 1 Challenges

by Itai Aosi

New season, new challenges! It’s time to start collecting some battle pass tiers! By the way, feel free to join NOVOS’s Discord Server for additional help, guidance, and fun!

This week’s challenges guide does not contain Free Pass challenges (as for now there is none).
Here are the weekly challenges you have to perform for this week (August 4th — 11th):

Battle Pass Challenges:

  • Visit Drift painted Durrr Burger Head, a Dinosaur, and a Stone Head Statue.
  • Deal 200 damage to opponents while riding in a vehicle — To complete this task, you’ll either have to fight other gamers for the use of the new B.R.U.T.E. mech suit, or else grab a Driftboard, which spawn at various locations on the map. From there, you can begin your search for enemies to inflict 200 damage too.
  • Destroy 10 stop signs with the Catalyst outfit — To accomplish this challenge, players will first need to equip the Catalyst skin, available by purchasing the Season X Battle Pass. Once the skin is locked in, you can queue into a match and begin your search for stop signs.
    In places like Pleasant Park, where streets are plentiful, there’s an abundance of stop signs just waiting for players to destroy them. Salty Springs, Mega Mall and Paradise Palms are spots that house their fair share, too. This objective may take a few games to complete, as other players are sure to be on the hunt for the signs.
  • Ride a Zipline in 3 different matches — Pleasant Park, the winter biome, and the area surrounding Paradise Palms are home to several zip lines. Given that it will likely take more than one game to complete the landmark challenge, using it as an opportunity to zip across the map seems like the right move.
  • Search chests in 3 different named locations — There are several locations on the map a player can land to get this challenge done quickly and efficiently. Dropping at the winter biome allows access to Happy Hamlet, Frosty Flight and Polar Peak, which are all a short distance from one another. These spots also have Driftboard spawns nearby so if the storm is on your tail, you won’t be stuck away from the zone.
  • Visit Lazy Lagoon and Lucky Landing in a single match — The easiest way to complete this task is to land at Lucky and immediately grab a Driftboard. At this point, you’ll need to hightail it across the map and hope you don’t get caught in the crosshairs of an enemy.
  • Get 250,000 trick points in a vehicle — As for the final challenge, Fornite has brought back an oldie but a goodie. Week 1 will see players knocking the rust off their Driftboard skills and attempting to collect 250,000 trick points. The best strategy may be to get some gnarly air as you glide across the map attempting to travel between Lucky Landing and Lazy Lagoon.

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