What’s new in Fortnite? The Kingsman Umbrella tips + Quick Drills

by Cecil Sales

It’s been roughly around two weeks since the new set of items which include the umbrella and crashpads have rolled out. Don’t be surprised if they somehow make way into the Arena and tournament playlists. No doubt that the “Crashpad” is a crazy addition to the game, but they help with faster rotations and give players some early game advantages like no other item has given before. That’s for the next article maybe? Let us know in the comments. 

Let’s dive straight into “The Kingsman Umbrella” and list out how you could use them in your everyday public matches. 

The Kingsman Umbrella 

The Kingsman umbrella is most likely to be in the game for the entire season and has major benefits to act as a permanent item for the game even after this season. Here’s the list of benefits for including this item in your inventory, 

  • It acts as a shield to incoming bullets and rockets to a certain extent. Grenades are a nightmare against the umbrella and at certain angles, rockets can cause problems too.
  • The Harvesting rate of this item is insane and can fetch you max brick and metal in a matter of minutes. 
  • You can drop down from helicopters or high ground and time the “glide” feature to avoid fall damage. This feature works for only about 3 seconds. Hence, never use this feature in advance, make sure just above one-floor height before you use it. 

Pointers you need to know 

  • The item overall is super laggy and switching from the umbrella to your weapon requires time. Hence, make sure you are at a safe distance from an opponent every time the umbrella is in use. 
  • Opponents cranking on weak builds can be taken down almost instantly. If you spot an opponent balancing his whole base on just a ramp or a floor you could bring it down with the jump+fire combo or by holding down and letting go (after a few seconds) the “Aiming/ADS” key-bind for a turbocharged hit.  
  • Do not run into players or use this as a weapon to push players. Use it to enter boxes against players that are 30 hp or low. 

These are the major pointers to take note of as far as the umbrella is concerned. All in all, early game harvesting at the rate it provides will lift your confidence and keep you calm knowing that you are stacked with materials. A psychological advantage clubbed with other benefits might make you rethink and include this your loot selection. 

2 Quick Drills

Here are two drills you could try mastering over the week. 

Both of these drills involve placing a ramp in an unusual way and can be used in any stage of a match. These strategies focus on saving materials and playing it smart. 

Ramp Faze Shots

This strategy has been around since season 6 (as far as I know) and doesn’t look like it’s going to be patched ever. The end result of a ramp faze shot is to shoot through the wall jump and take cover using the ramp. As far as your opponent’s perspective, all he’s going to see is a shot from behind the ramp. 

Ramp edited to its normal position for a faze-through shot.

To execute this perfectly, back up completely against a wall and place a ramp without jumping. You’d notice the ramp border turning into yellow rather than it’s usual color. This signifies that you can now shoot through it or even edit the wall in front of you. The above clip is a demonstration of the same strategy but instead placing a ramp down, the player flipped it to its normal position. All this is done ensuring the players backed up to the wall meaning the movement of the players is backward and touching the wall behind. 

Practice this well in creative to nail down its easy fundamentals. This works best against aggressive w-keying psycho opponents. Do not forget to jump after taking your shot as you are also prone to take damage if shots are exchanged. 

Perfect against w-keying opponents

Solo Ramp tunnel

This is the go-to strategy for Arena solos, especially during late game. Only two builds are being used here, a floor and a ramp.

The perfect cover for shots taken from the back.

This is the most practical tunneling to learn as it literally the most material-efficient way to dodge rockets and bullets.  This method starts by placing the reticle right in front of the player’s feet and placing a floor first. In other words, look down and place a floor first. 

As soon as you touch the center-line of the floor, place and a ramp and it should ideally start building behind the player.  Once you nail this, turn to the right to do the same steps, then turn to your left and keep going in a zig-zag motion to get protected from all sides. The end result should pretty much look like the example shown above. 

The important part of this drill is to get the timing of placing your builds in-sync and making sure your reticle is close to your feet at all times.

Do you want a more in-depth guide on such strategies? Do let us know in the comment box below.

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