Real Life Lessons From Fortnite

by Ido Vadavker

Fortnite’s cartoonish look can be a little misleading. Turns out you can find some valuable life-lessons in a game where you can fish for weapons and construct buildings out of thin air. Next time your parents tell you’re wasting your time playing Fortnite, show them this list!

Learning to adapt is important

In Fortnite, you’ll never know which weapons you’ll get, or how many players will land near you at the start of each match. Luck plays a massive role for even the most skilled players, so you have to learn how to change your tactics to match the conditions in order to succeed. Also, new weapons and mechanics are constantly introduced to the game, forcing players to learn new skills and adjust their playstyles accordingly.

This lesson also applies to life. You cannot control every aspect of your life. You can’t pick your family members and you may find yourself in tough situations. But complaining won’t help you. Adapt and make the most out of every situation, in order to grow and succeed.

Patience is underrated

To get the victory royale, you have to cultivate a boring, but very useful skill: Patience.

Don’t rush to shoot every player you see — he might be in the middle of a fight with someone else and you could use your time to get closer to the circle. When you do get shot, don’t get upset, use the few seconds to assess the situation by building walls around yourself.

The same skill can help you thrive in your own career and life. Choosing your real-life “battles” wisely can save you a lot of trouble (and time!). Knowing that it takes time to become good at something can leave you more relaxed and clear-minded than other people, who might get stressed over every tiny set back.

Take the high-ground

After playing for a while, you begin to understand that when encountering another player, the one who has the higher ground will more likely to win, and it makes sense. When you have the high ground, you have a better perspective and view of what’s going on. You can protect yourself and plan your attack while watching your opponent’s moves.

In life, you need to get the metaphorical “high ground”. Whether it is in school, work, relationships, or just life in general, sometimes you need to take a step back to see the whole picture and get perspective. Being able to see more than just what’s in front or near you can help. Sometimes putting yourself in other people’s shoes and trying to look for a different side of what you see can help you form a clearer picture which can be crucial in order to reach your goal.

Practice and preparation

Finally, it all comes down to this: The people that train better and come to a match better prepared, are most likely going to win. It’s right for both the game of Fortnite and “the game of life”.

All the best players were noobs once. What helped them get to such a high level were long hours of training, learning, and preparation. They know that as soon as they jump into a game, they need to start by gathering resources and ammo, to be ready for the later parts of the game.

In life, you have to study to get good grades. You have to work on your relationships with your loved ones in order for them to thrive. You have to put in the time to achieve your goals. You have to practice to be the best. In the game and IRL.

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