NOVOS Challenges Update 27.4.20

by Ido Vadavker

We hope you guys had an amazing week! Check out last week’s winners:

In the  Kills without Shotgun” Challenge:

The winner is Twitch aanatoliu with 36 eliminations! Amazing score!! He wins 1000 V-Bucks worth of gifts! 
Props to stronkeron5 who came a close second with 34 kills! Good job and better luck next time!

In the  Close Ranged Slayer ” Challenge:

RaveeGeriausias wins the challenges this week with 28 close-range weapons kills. Awesome! He wins 1000 V-Bucks worth of gifts! 

Congratulations to the winners!

Now for next week’s challenges that will reward you with a prize! (1,000 V-BUCKS in Gifts)

  • “Kills without Shotgun” – Eliminate as many enemies as possible using everything, but shotguns!
  • “Pistol Kills” – Small guns, big brain! Show us how you perform with pistols!

Don’t have NOVOS installed on your PC now?!
Head over to to download it now and be a part of this week’s challenges!
You can also join our Discord server for some useful tips and tricks!

Rise to the top of the leaderboard and improve your skills in the process! Good luck!

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