5 Reasons Why Warming Up in Competitive Fortnite Is Crucial

by Shai Arnon

Are you struggling to win competitive games in Fortnite? Are you constantly losing matches because of silly mistakes? If your answer to these questions was a ‘Yes’, then scroll down to find how warming up before competitive games in Fortnite can help you out.

Helps Prevent Building Mistakes

When you open the game and plan to play a few matches or some competitive games, then you need to head into the creative mode and warm up your building mechanics or else you will most likely choke your builds and will eventually be out built by your opponent in a build fight. You can do free builds by mixing in different combinations of builds. You can also try doing high ground retakes by watching some pros do it on YouTube/Twitch (in case you don’t know how they are done).

Enhance Your Aim Before Your Games

1v1’s with friends before going into public matches or participating in any other games is a good thing because it will freshen up your aim and help you get a focused grip on it. You should play some practice aim maps which contain drills that can help you improve your aim in under 5 minutes, incase you are running late for an important match. 

Without a warmed-up aim you are most likely going to miss certain shots due to slow movement or even if you hit, some bullets will miss which will result in low damage shots.

Brush Up Your in-Game Instincts

Warming up before professional games is also a key factor to having a better understanding of what you are about to go against. In some cases, it can also help you understand that you must make minimal room for error. Playing some ‘Zone-Wars’ matches can help you perceive a good understanding of how a person can react in a fight. By warming up, you should be able to read them like a book. 

Minimize Your Errors in Editing 

Having good accuracy in editing is very important as there are times when you are cornered in your own box and you don’t have anywhere to go. If the person confronting you is easily taking your walls or pushing you in a tight spot, you can rotate by editing the wall behind, allowing you to escape and plan your next move.  

This requires you to have pinpoint accuracy of what edit you are trying to make because you need to make sure that the edit boxes you are picking are correct. If you mess up even in a millisecond, the edit will reset and you will have to do it again thus giving your opponent all the time they need to finishing you off. You can practice editing by going into creative and do edits on Floors, Walls, Stairs, Pyramids or you can just free build and then edit the builds at the same time.

Know Your Drop Spots

Whenever you have any cash cups or competitive matches coming ahead, keep practicing on where you will be dropping and at what time will you leave the bus. Many players make the mistake of missing their drops and then going back at it which allows the opponents to loot the area before them. This will leave them without any weapons or resources to shield themselves with. Keep yourself from making this mistake as it can be overlooked.

Players also make the mistake that they change their drops every match which results in a consistency disruption, causing them to be a bit off the point. If you are going to loot some other area rather than the one you normally drop to it may cause you to make much more time looting it. Therefore, you should practice this before any competitive games by playing public matches so you do not make this mistake over and over again. Not following this basic rule can cost you your competitive matches.

Now you know why it’s necessary to warm up before competitive games. Make sure to keep doing practice drills so that your game sense does not weaken and you can always give your best in Fortnite.  

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