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by Or Briga

With almost one billion USD in worldwide market revenue in 2018, eSports is a rapidly growing phenomenon filled with potential and opportunities. In 2018, this market can’t be overlooked anymore. Finding the right job in such an industry, with so many aspects to it, is not as daunting as it may seem, even to those who are not computer game enthusiasts. From professional gamers to game developers, there are some truly fascinating job opportunities in this wonderful industry. Here are just a handful of them;
The idea of a professional gamer may be hard to comprehend for those who are not familiar or for those who were born before the happy ’90s, but today there are thousands of gamers who make a living just from playing video games. How can one make a career out playing video games? Well to put things in perspective, with a prize pool of over $25 million, DOTA 2 exceeded the prize pool of the NBA in 2016, at $15 million.

Young eSports athletes are living the glamorous lifestyles of top pro athletes, and they are treated as one, with coaches, psychologists, personal chefs and physical trainers. Personalities such as Ninja, a live streamer of the game Fortnite, have helped bring gaming into the mainstream in a fascinating fashion. With tens of million followers in different social media, make no mistake, all of his followers are there because this is what entertainment looks like 2018

Gamers need trainers, just as basketball players do, and being an eSports coach is a truly fascinating career. With worldwide tournaments and events, traveling the world to participate in these events is just one perk of training competitors. Another incredible option in this industry is to be an analyst. Since this is a sport which involves real data, analyzing and understanding this data to create statistics or simply learn from it is a valuable tool that many gamers try to utilize. Analysts usually work with coaches and players to generate strategies, analyze strengths and weaknesses, and communicate this to the players in order to get the best out of them.

Of course, one doesn’t have to work directly with gamers in order to find themselves within this industry. As with any vastly growing industry, new gaming\ esports companies and start-ups are raising their head up. These companies do anything from game development, streaming platforms, services to professional players, tools for amateurs that want to improve and many more.,

The way we see it, 2018 was an amazing year for esports with incredible changes in almost every aspect, from startups to investors, but the real driver of this amazing industry is the community; hundreds of millions of gamers that are pushing this industry forward. With endless opportunities, seeing more talented people join this industry is a pleasure and a great story of success!

About the writer: Eli Fidler is a huge eSports fan since he can remember himself. He now works for, an online training platform for gamers.

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