Want to be a good Fortnite player? Prepare to work hard

by Shai Arnon

Fornite is one of the best Open-world Battle Royale game. In the past two years, it got prevalent among youngsters. Are you also a casual Fortnite player? If Yes! Then you have to take this game seriously. Since its release, the game has changed the lives of many players it can change yours as well. You might be thinking of how a game can change my life? Let us discuss it briefly. 


Players with amazing Fortnite skills are getting popular all over the world. In the 90s, a kid with a Yo-Yo or Beyblade was considered as the most popular kid of the school. However, in the 20s, Fortnite took that place. Now, if you have terrific Fortnite skills, people will be all over you. You will become a celebrity at your school. For example, Owen Wolfram, aka Wintrrz, is only 13 years old, and he is extremely popular not only in his school but all over the world (streamer). He has a fan following of 140,000 and earning a lot more money than a usual kid.

Adapting Skills

We are living in a world where technology is changing day by day, and to keep ourselves up to date, we have to adapt it. Unfortunately! Adopting new things is not easy. However, by taking Fortnite seriously, you can build amazing adapting skills. In every match of Fortnite, a player faces different situations such as; a player has to determine a dropping point, opponents dropping point, opponent’s tactics, opponents build, and many more. To react fast a player has to adapt the situation quickly. The quicker you will adapt a situation, the better you will become in both Fortnite and real life. Fortnite will help in boosting your adapting skills.

Become Millionaire

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Millionaire before 16? Sounds impossible? With the help of amazing Fortnite skills, you can convert this impossible into possible. In July 2019, Fortnite held its first World Cup with a prize pool of $30 million. The tournament included multiple modes such as solo, Duos, and Squad. A 16-year-old kid named Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf won the solo tournament and went home with $3 million in his pocket. He did not just become a millionaire but also became famous all around the world. Moreover, he also earned the title of First Fortnite solo tournament winner.

Learning and Preparation

If you work hard, you will succeed. You might have heard this phrase many times. But when it comes to reality, we always get confused or lost hope. But with the help of Fortnite, you can perceive the written meaning of the phrase clearly. After every Fortnite match, you learn something, which means you are getting better. You are one step ahead, reaching to your success. Moreover, you learn from your mistakes, avoid the same mistakes, and come up with strategies that are best for you.

After all those efforts and learning you receive Victory Royale. You can apply the same technique in real life as well. If you are trying to achieve something, keep working for it, learn from your mistakes, and you will succeed. Take every game of Fortnite seriously, and it will help you in both real and virtual life. 


Fortnite has multiple modes available; Solo, Duos, and Squad. Solo is fun, but Duos and Squad are better. Duos and Squad enhance your teamwork skills. You will learn how you can cooperate with others. You will be able to adapt multiple gameplay mechanics. For example, watch the Squad or Duos matches of the Fortnite World Cup. In Duos, one player is working on the build, and the other player is working on attacks. In short, the team is playing both offensive and defensive.

The more you will play better teamwork skills as well as communication skills; you will adapt. You will learn how you can convey your message to your teammate in an efficient way. Both Teamwork and communication skills will help you in real life.

How can a player learn Professional Fortnite skills?

In the above points, we discussed what benefits a casual player can receive after enhancing his/her Fortnite skills. Although you might be thinking, the article provides only the benefits of Fortnite, but how to achieve those benefits? Let us discuss them as well.

Change your lifestyle

To develop fantastic Fortnite skills, start from changing your lifestyle. A healthy mind leads to robust gameplay. Add a healthy diet, morning walk, and exercise into your life and remove all the drugs and alcohol from it. To make in-game strategies, you need a healthy and active mind. The more active your mind is, the faster you will be able to react in the game. Otherwise, your opponent will kill you without even letting you know. 

Regular Practice

Give proper time to Fortnite, fix 2-3 hours daily (Adjust it according to your feasibility). Instead of going directly for the Battle Royale, start from the playground mode. Identify all your strengths and weaknesses. Once you have made a list of them, start overcoming all the weaknesses. Focus on one weakness at a time; when you are done with it, move towards the second. Once you have turned all the weaknesses into strengths, move forward to the Battle Royale. 

Focus on one game

Focus on one game at a time. Being diverse will make you confuse. Have you ever seen a professional Fortnite player playing other games like PUBG, CS: GO, or COD? No? Have you ever thought about why? Because all of the mentioned games have their own mechanics, and key binds. If you start focusing on multiple games, then it will get hard for your brain to interpret. There are high chances that your skills will reduce by 30%.  


If you are playing Fortnite after many hours, then do not directly move towards the Battle Royale. Play the Playground mode for 15 – 30 minutes. These 15- 30 minutes will act as a warm-up for your brain and fingers. After the warm-up, you will be ready to dominate the Battle Royale mode. 

Fortnite can change your life; you have to take it seriously. Do not expect fast results; it might take you a few weeks to see some results. Therefore, do not lose hope; keep going. 

Best of Luck, Fellas! 

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