Fortnite ‘Chaos Rising’ Challenges Guide

by Itai Aosi

If you’re after a helping hand with the Fortnite Chaos Rising challenges, which may be the last regular mission for this season, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for motorboats to race, steel bridges to dance on, ziplines to ride, and more, it’s time to get these Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 missions wrapped up.

The ninth set of challenges are somewhat water-based, as you’ll need to race a motorboat, find some bridges, and deal damage to opponents while in water.

  • Search Ammo Boxes at Steamy Stacks or Holly Hedges (7) — A nice easy one to get started — head to Steamy Stacks in the northeast corner of the island or Holly Hedges on the west side, then start opening ammo boxes.
  • Skydive through rings in Steamy Stacks (1) — This is slightly different from the usual skydiving challenges, in that the rings are actually hidden inside the cooling towers at the Steamy Stacks power station. Due to the updrafts, you can’t actually skydive down into the towers, so instead you need to enter the tower from the ground level the pass through the ring as you’re blown upwards.
  • Complete a Motorboat time trial (1) — The starting point for the Fortnite Motorboat time trial is in the large lake toward the south of the island, directly north of Misty Meadows and in the middle of the southwest coast of the larger island. There should be a couple of Fortnite motorboats along the south edge of the lake, and you’ll need one of these to complete the trial.
  • Deal damage to opponents from below (250) — Position yourself lower down a hill or underneath opponents’ structures then aim upwards and deal damage to them — Team Rumble mode will give you the best opportunities to do this.
  • Dance at the Green Steel Bridge, the Yellow Steel Bridge, and the Red Steel Bridge (3) — Make your way to the Fortnite Green, Yellow, and Red Steel Bridge locations, which on the map are Fortnite landmarks in grid references F4, F7, and D3 respectively, the launch into a dance emote to tick them off your list.
  • Eliminations with Shotguns (3) — This one doesn’t need any explanation, though if you play Team Rumble mode you’ll find it a lot easier to rack up shotgun eliminations.
  • Use a Zipline in different matches (2) — There are a number of Fortnite Ziplines you can hop on to speed up your movement around the map, and you need to use them in two different matches for this challenge. You can find one by the Fortnite Hydro 16 dam going down to the building below, and another running south from Steamy Stacks or north from Retail Row over the pylons.
  • Eliminations from within 5 meters (3) — Get up close and personal with your eliminations for this one, and as always you’ll have an easier time in Team Rumble when trying to complete it.
  • Search Chests in a single match (5) — Pick a busy area like one of the named locations, ideally far from the battle bus route to give you more chance of finding unopened chests, then pop five of them open in the same match.
  • Deal damage to opponents while in water (500) — Get yourself into a stream or lake, then start dealing damage to opponents from your watery location. If you’ve haven’t already spotted the pattern by now, do this in Team Rumble mode.
  • Search the XP Drop hidden in the Chaos Rising Loading Screen (1) — After you’ve cleared at least eight of the Fortnite Chaos Rising challenges, you’ll unlock a fresh loading screen which has details of a hidden XP drop. It can be found in Steamy Stacks.

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