Best Fortnite Videos of the Week — 19 December 2019

by Ido Vadavker

Our mission at NOVOS is to help you take your game to the next level. A huge part of improving your game is learning from the best. That’s why each week, we will gather the most valuable Fortnite content on the internet, to help you boost your in-game skills. The list below will keep you updated on all the latest strategies and techniques the game has to offer so you can stay at the top of your game!

Endless Snowmen and Double Bandages

The most valuable video of the week shows us the best new exploits following the last Christmas update. The video demonstrates how to have endless Sneaky snowmen and also how to make the Bandage Bazooka shoot 2 bandages instead of 1! Shoutout to OrangeGuy for this useful clip.

Click here for the video!

Brand New Creative Courses!

Having trouble finding new creative maps to test your skill? Maybe you just want to mix things up and train on a new course? No matter which one it is, we’ve got you covered. Check out this new video from Selage about the best new creative maps to improve your overall game.

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Boost Your Editing Speed

If you need to improve your editing and don’t know exactly how, watch this helpful clip made by itsJerian to enhance your editing skills.

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Updated Boxfights Techniques

Since Boxfights are essential part of the endgame in Fortnite, keeping your methods up to date is important. Grab some new strategies from this video made by Proguides and don’t forget to practice them against real people.

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Early Game Tips and Tricks

Another great video from Proguides is showing us some tips for the early game in addition to some VOD reviews of top players like Bugha and Mongraal.

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Win Every Lightsaber fights

Lightsabers are the most exciting edition in recent weeks. Players drop their weapons at the final 1v1 to have one last epic showdown with the lighsabers. Understand the best way to win those battles using this short clip.

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Winter Royale Tips

If you are looking to get into the 2019 Winter Royale, we got the perfect video for you. Watch this Proguides tips video and prepare yourself for the biggest event of the winter.

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