The Ultimate Guide for 90s

by Itai Aosi

There is no doubt that learning 90s is essential to become a better player.

But first, what are 90s? 90s are basically turning to your left or right by 90 degrees while building up one floor each time you make a turn. This is the fastest way to climb up and take the high ground, but it’s also a very difficult move to perform and learn how to do so consistently.

Part 1 — Basic 90s

The first step towards mastering 90s is getting used to turning and jumping while building up at the same time. Let’s start by practicing that movement, we’re going to keep it simple and use only walls and stairs for now.

The very first problem you’re going to run into is placing stairs above yourselves. The way you can fix that is by sticking to the left third of your stairs.

Take it slow, disabling Sprint by Default can definitely help you with building the muscle memory required.

If you position yourself like that, the chances of you placing stairs above yourself will be significantly reduced. If you’re doing the basic 90s and your opponent isn’t, you’re going to be climbing faster than them, you’ll end up taking high ground, putting yourself in the best possible position.

I would recommend slowing down the video if needed to pay attention to the key presses and timing.

Walls -> Turn to the right -> Jump -> Stairs. Repeat.

Part 2 — Slow 90s

Once you become comfortable with the movement, it’s Time to add the floors, take it easy and work on developing that muscle memory. The jump comes before placing the floor as the floor placement boosts you upwards!

Don’t worry about placing walls over your head, try placing your camera angle down enough so that it won’t place a floor above you.

The next step would be to Hold the “W” key and Turbo Building (I am using Mouse and Keyboard so I hold the Left Mouse Button).

Keeping the momentum is important to perform fast 90s, so you want to jump right after turning to place your walls. In this way you won’t bump into the wall you place in front of you. Make sure to stick to the left side of your stairs or else you will end up putting stairs over you.

Part 3 — Full 90s

This is the last part in which you will be running full speed while performing the movements you’ve learned from part 2.
Turn on the “Run by Default” setting and attempt to perform the same pattern as part 2.
Since you will be running you will have to perform the Walls -> Turn to the right -> Jump -> Floor -> Stairs a lot faster.

Remember, if you end up placing floors above your head don’t be discouraged. It tends to happen when you look too far up when you switch to your floor. Also, if you don’t stick to the left side of your stairs you’ll end up putting stairs over you. You’ve got to get used to the rhythm. It’s all practice.

The next and final step is to not lose momentum. So once again, the key is to not bump into the wall that you place in front of you. Therefore you’ll have to jump right after placing your walls and turning (just like last time!). After the jump, place the floor and stairs!

Keep in mind that you can only do three 90s in a row because of jump fatigue. In case you’ve never heard of jump fatigue, it basically makes each consecutive jump shorter and shorter. After the third 90, you extend one ramp forward and continue. Moving the mouse in a circle-like motion.

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