Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 9 Week 8 Challenges

by Itai Aosi

Another week, another guide! This time for week 8 Fortnite challenges! By the way, feel free to join NOVOS’s Discord Server for additional help, guidance, and fun!

Here are the weekly challenges you have to perform for this week (30th of June — July 7th):

Free Challenges:

  • Apply Shields (0/400) — Shield potions are a more common item, while the Chug Jug gives the most shields at one time. Players can also chip away at this challenge by collecting mushrooms found across the island.
  • Visit different clocks (0/3) — So far, there are four clocks players can visit to finish this task. In Junk Junction, there is a corner with a clock on the ground that players will have to stand on in order to have it count. East of Fatal Fields in Paradise Palms is a sundial on a mountain. Neo Tilted has a digital clock tower in the southwest section. Sunny Steps has a sundial-looking clock that looks almost like a smiley face in the center that will also count toward the challenge.
  • Eliminate opponents in Snobby Shores or Mega Mall (0/7) — Of the two locations, Mega Mall will have more players available to eliminate as the new areas tend to be the busiest spots. If you stop here at the start of a match, it’s vital to find a weapon quickly. Once you have a weapon, taking down other players scrambling to get their own gun will be easy. Snobby Shores will be less busy, but more chests will be available to gear up and eliminate whoever else shows up.

Battle Pass Challenges:

  • Damage opponents with Assault Rifles (0/500) — Assault Rifles are easy to find, and luckily, they can do good damage from almost any distance. Getting up close and personal will quickly rack up the points or keep your distance to build up those numbers.
  • Stage 1 of 5: Land at Paradise Palms (0/1)
    Stage 2 of 5: Land at Neo Tilted (0/1)
    Stage 3 of 5: Land at Mega Mall (0/1)
    Stage 4 of 5: Land at Pleasant Park (0/1)
    Stage 5 of 5: Land at Junk Junction (0/1) — This challenge is straight forward. Simply plan to land at Paradise Palms, Neo Tilted, Mega Mall, Pleasant Park and Junk Junction in different matches.
  • Use a volcano vent, air vent and a zipline in a single match (0/3) — Volcano vents are found all around Pressure Plant while air vents are primarily located in Neo Tilted, Mega Mall or on sky platforms. As for the ziplines, they can be found around the northwest, northeast and southwest parts of the island. The ideal strategy is to start off west of Sunny Steps where a zipline will take you straight down to the volcano. Search for a volcano vent and make a beeline to Mega Mall for an air vent.
  • Eliminations outside of named locations (0/5) — While most of the action early in the match takes place in named locations, when the storm begins to close in, players will have to move from those spots. As they travel away from the storm circle, you can rack up eliminations for this challenge, making this task easy to complete as long as you can survive late into the match.

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