Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 9 Week 3 Challenges

by Itai Aosi

Need more guidance in completing the weekly challenges? We’re here to help you!

Here are the weekly challenges you have to perform for this week (26th of May — 2nd of June):

Free Challenges:

  • Stage 1 of 3: Land a trick with a Driftboard (1).
  • Step 2 of 3: Get 3s of airtime in a Quadcrasher (3 times).
  • Step 3 of 3: Destroy opponent structures with a vehicle (3 total) — We recommend to use the Quadcrasher for this one!
  • Search Chests at Lonely Lodge or Polar Peak (7 total).
  • Deal damage to an opponent within 10s after using a Slipstream (200 total damage).

Battle Pass Challenges:

  • Stage 1 of 3: Visit Happy Hamlet and Shifty Shafts in a single match.
  • Stage 2 of 3: Visit Sunny Steps and Dusty Divot in a single match.
  • Stage 3 of 3: Visit Haunted Hills and Salty Springs in a single match.
  • Throw the flying Disc Toy & Catch it before it lands.
  • Explosive weapon eliminations (3) — We recommend hopping into Team Rumble and trying to get a Grenade/Rocket Launcher for this one!
  • Deal damage with different weapons in a single match (5) — This one should be really easy in Team Rumble! Make sure to vary up your inventory!

We’re doing our best to provide as much knowledge and assist any gamer that aspires to step-up his game. Feel free to join our Discord for any help or just to talk and have fun playing Zone Wars!

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