5 Things Apex Legends Should Learn from Fortnite

by Liam Brayer

Epic Games has raised the bar for what gamers expect to get in a AAA title. Fortnite crashed into the gaming scene with allowing players to play Battle Royale for free, while introducing some amazing gameplay mechanics by using an innovative microtransactions system. Players can actually play the game without spending a single dollar. On top of all that, Fortnite is the first big online-game that supports playing using across-platform. Fortnite greatest achievement is that it was able to make the mainstream adopt the gaming scene.

Last year, EA released Apex Legends, a new game that had the chance to challenge Fortnite. In the first two months after the release, Apex had 50 million downloads. Unfortunately, as time passes, it seems that Apex Legends failed to maintain these impressive numbers.

I believe that in order for Apex Legends to get back to the center of attention, they need to comply with the 5 following actions:

  1. Constant content updates

Today, gamers expect that content updates will be made on a regular basis. This includes adding new weapons, map changes, cosmetic amendment, etc.

Since Apex Legends launched, only a handful of updates have been made, which contained a small amount of content. In my opinion, if Apex will push a lot of rich and interesting content they will be able to maintain their player base. Fortnite have the ability to keep the game interesting and give the players enough content in that will keep them busy. Fortnite does it on a weekly basis, by pushing game-changing updates every week

2. Live events and collaborations

A main reason for why Fortnite became so popular is the amazing and groundbreaking live events it integrated. From DJ Marshmello’s live concert, to the cube event and the unforgettable Marvel collaboration. These events let people experience a unique gaming experience that leaves gamers wanting more. Apex Legends need to find an opportunity to make an awesome event and major collaborations that can help the game become a social phenomenon like Fortnite.

3. Microtransaction

Fortnite has perfected the in-game microtransaction. You can play the game and totally enjoy it without spending any money. If you see skin, dance or a cemo you like you can purchase it for a few bucks or grind your Free Pass to rack up on V-Bucks. On top of that, if you’re playing more frequently or take the weekly challenges, you can buy the Battle Pass that lets you grind towards loot and items. On Apex Legends on the other hand, you can only find a mediocre loot and an unsatisfying season pass. I truly believe that if players will have something to grind for in Apex they would invest more time and money in the game.

4. Cross-platform support

Currently, you can play Apex Legends only on PC, Xbox One and PS4.. You can only play with players on the same system. In Fortnite, players can play across platforms including Nintendo גSwitch, Mac, and Mobile. I think that cross-platform is one of the core features that made Fortnite so popular and I definitely think that more games should support that.

5. Game mode diversity and competitive mode

In the current version of Apex Legends (V1.1.1), there is only one game mode available, which is 3 player team Battle Royale. Apex Legends does not offer a solo and competitive game modes. It is a bit bizarre that a AAA title has only one game mode. Even the best game in the world will eventually get boring as time passes. Dropping new game modes can help to maintain players and keep them invested in game for an extent period of time. Moreover, introducing a competitive scene or game mode can help Apex Legends attract more serious, professional and dedicated gamers. Fortnite has done it with the new Arena Mode and it is an amazing success. One of the most popular game modes in Fortnite is the creative mode, which enables the gamers to play in a costume and private environment. I think Apex Legends can benefit from implementing a similar mode.

In conclusion, based on our experience if Apex Legends would implement the advices above, they will have a better chance to return to the spotlight.

So it seems that today, more than ever, a great game should have a good and full experience that can keep players wanting and coming back for more.

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