Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 9 Week 6 Challenges

by Itai Aosi

Happy week Gamers!
Here is our guide for week 6 Fortnite challenges! Let’s go! Also, feel free to join NOVOS’s Discord Server for additional help, guidance, and fun!

Here are the weekly challenges you have to perform for this week (16th of June — June 23rd):

Free Challenges:

  • Stage 1 of 5: Land at Lucky Landing (0/1)
    Stage 2 of 5: Land at Loot Lake (0/1)
    Stage 3 of 5: Land at Shifty Shafts ( 0/1)
    Stage 4 of 5: Land at Frosty Flights (0/1)
    Stage 5 of 5: Land at Haunted Hills (0/1)
    Like in previous weeks, these landing challenges are straightforward. Just make it a point to land at these locations whenever you start up a match.
  • Deal damage with SMGs to opponents (500) — SMGs are fairly common to find in a match. However, the ones easy to find are those that do a minimal amount of damage. When you find one, make a point to use it on an opponent, ideally when they’re least suspecting it. This will let you get a few shots in and then switch over to a shotgun if up close or a rifle if far away. Look for the Burst SMG and Drum Gun to deal high damage numbers in a few seconds.
  • Stage 1 of 3: Search chests at Hot Spot (0/3)
    Stage 2 of 3: Search ammo boxes at Hot Spot (0/3)
    Stage 3 of 3: Eliminations at Hot Spot (0/4)
    Fortnite season 9 added Hot Spots to the island. During a match, named locations will turn yellow on the map, which means Loot Carriers will begin showing up with weapon caches. To complete this challenge, make a beeline to a Hot Spot once it appears on the map. However, be prepared for a battle as these spots were already busy prior to this week, and business will pick up thanks to this challenge. Starting early in the match will give a slight advantage as chests and ammo boxes will be more available than going to a Hot Spot later on.

Battle Pass Challenges:

  • Deal damage to a vehicle driven by an opponent (0/200) — Players tend to avoid vehicles in matches as it makes them defenseless. If you visit the different race track locations such as the ones in Paradise Palm, Junk Junction and Happy Hamlet, there is a chance you’ll catch another player riding around. Players tend to start using vehicles when the storm circle begins as a way to get out of the storm so keeping an eye on the storm circle perimeter could be helpful in finding opponents driving to save themselves. Luckily, there’s another challenge this week that will help with this task.
  • Use a Storm Flip in different matches (0/3) — The new Storm Flip grenade is a powerful weapon in Fortnite. So powerful that Epic continues to make changes to how much damage it deals. Storm Flip is also harder to find thanks to update v9.21. This challenge will require a bit of luck as chests have a 1.69% chance of containing the throwable. There is a better chance to find a Storm Flip in a supply drop, but those only show up later in the match and are highly contestable.
  • Use different vehicles in a single match (0/2) — Thanks to an increase in options, finding two different vehicles in a match is simple. Lucky Landing, Frost Flights and Happy Hamlet are three locations that have both Driftboards and Quadcrashers. There are usually more boards than crashers. So if you see a Quadcrasher, jump on that one first and then find a Driftboard.
  • Eliminate opponents in The Block or Fatal Fields (0/3) — Once again, a straightforward challenge. Of the two locations, Fatal Fields is a better spot since the area hasn’t changed much over the seasons. By contrast, The Block changes on a regular basis with a new user-created space.

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