The Ultimate Fortnite Aiming Routine – Boost your Motivation

by Itai Aosi

Beat laziness with Goal-Oriented Training
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Time-based repetition can often lead to laziness

A problem a lot of people have with solo practice is having the motivation to do quality repetitions. The element of being in an isolated area of practice can often lead to laziness. The main reason that you practice at all is to build a skill faster and/or more consistent. Consistency requires you to self-correct, and be focused on the mechanic you are trying to improve. Laziness can often be encouraged by setting time-based goals, or even repetition based goals. The solution to increase focus during practice is to set a goal of doing a certain amount of perfect reps in a row. This will actually ensure that you are focused on the mechanic, whereas, with a time-based goal, your only focus is the clock.

Choosing goals

Incorporate goals into your training

You can start by choosing the same amount of perfect rep goals for each drill/scenario. Ten seems to be a good baseline. After testing out each scenario, your strengths and weaknesses should be weighted differently. If you could not complete a goal within a reasonable amount of time, the goal can be lowered by as much as five. If you had a scenario that you completed within the first five attempts, you can increase that goal by 5. For reference and example please see our goal sheet at “Extras”.

Tracking your goals

Transparent goals are important. They allow you to get a better understanding of where you’re currently standing and to determine failure/success.
Keeping track of your goals can be tricky, this is where NOVOS platform can help you. By getting scores on each scenario, and saving your previous attempts it can provide you with a sense of progress and motivation to always try and beat your previous high score. Other methods such as timetable and community can also help to get a better understanding of your progress. We’ve made an example at the extras page for time table which you can fill as you go. We also have our Discord server to allow you to consult and discuss with other members of the community trying their best to improve their skills!

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