Fortnite ‘Junk Storm’ Challenges Guide

by Itai Aosi

Limited time missions were introduced at the start of Season X/10 in order to replace the daily challenges that we’ve had in previous seasons. There’s a new limited-time mission every week on Thursdays and a new objective/challenge releases every day at 2 PM BST.

Junk Storm Mission list for this week:

  • Consume Glitched Foraged Items (0/5)
  • Play Arena matches (0/3)
  • Scoped weapon eliminations (0/2)
  • Deal headshot damage to opponents (0/500)
  • Search a Chest in different Named Locations in a single match (0/3)
  • Land at Pressure Plant or Happy Hamlet in different matches (0/3)
  • Deal damage to opponent’s structures (0/1000)

The missions themselves are pretty self-explanatory. Dealing damage to opponent’s structures is easy, and remember you can also do it to old structures that aren’t even active anymore. Just literally anything that another player has built at some point.

The rewards for all this? If you do them all, you will get 30 battle stars, 3500 XP and this week’s loading screen, which has a secret location of another free battle star you can go hunt down.

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