Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 9 Week 5 Challenges

by Itai Aosi

Happy week Gamers!
Here is our guide for week 5 Fortnite challenges. By the way, have you tried to participate in NOVOS’s Daily Zone Wars competition yet?

Here are the weekly challenges you have to perform for this week (9th of June — June 16th):

Free Challenges:

  • Deal damage to opponents with Grenades, Dynamite, or Stink Bombs (200) — Damage challenges are fairly straightforward. Find the throwables and chuck them at your opponent to start racking up those numbers. To quickly complete this challenge, try to land a grenade or dynamite near a group of players (preferably done in Squads or Team Rumble).
  • Search chests at Salty Springs or Frosty Flights (7).
  • Eliminate an opponent in different matches (5) — This one is pretty cut and dry and there isn’t much to it. Play Team Rumble if you are struggling in eliminating opponents.

Battle Pass Challenges:

  • Stage 1: Complete a lap of a desert race track (0/1)
  • Stage 2: Complete a lap of a snowy race track (0/1)
  • Stage 3: Complete a lap of a grasslands race track (0/1)
  • Place trap items in different matches (0/5) — Trap items can be a little hard to find, but luckily, all that is required for this challenge is to place them and not get eliminations. As soon as you obtain one, place it at the nearest building or simply create your own structure to use for the trap.
  • Visit different Wind Turbines in a single match (0/5) — Wind turbines are located in different parts of the island, but to easily finish this task, head to Pleasant Park. There are six turbines in the mountains surrounding this area. Just run from one to another until you’ve been to five of them.
  • Eliminations at Sky Platforms (0/3) — This challenge will require you land at a Sky Platform and open a chest in hopes of getting a weapon. With a weapon in hand, it won’t be hard to get eliminations as other players landing will only have their pickaxe. The trick for this challenge is to eliminate opponents before they try to jump off.

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